(Hardcore, Georgia)


The band was founded in 2014 by vocalist Alex “Grizzly” Gigauri in capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The genre is some sort of all Hardcore subgenres, such a hardcore, downtempo hardcore, beatdown,2-step,crossover. We call this genre as Post-Soviet Hardcore. The band has released self-titled 3 [EP] albums,2 singles (with featured artists SCUM and KID D, vocalist from RYKER‚ÄôS) and 5 music videos. Now the band is working on 2 (feat) songs, with local and foreign famous musicians and after that plans to release a full-length album. We want to show Georgian hardcore to the world.

Band members

Vocals: Alex “Grizzly” Gigauri
Bass: Giorgi “Izzy” Aladashvili
Drum: Davit Mzareulashvili
Guitars: Giorgi Natsvlishvili
Guitars: Andrey Avakyan