We Fall Slowly
(Alternative Rock, NL)

We Fall Slowly

We Fall Slowly is an energetic band from the north of the Netherlands. The guys of We Fall Slowly tend to make music wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Drenched in melancholy, filled with despair and a sparkle of hope. We Fall Slowly is inspired by the liked of Deftones, 30 Seconds to Mars and a completed with a blend of alternative rock from the 90’s. We Fall Slowly plays their hard music in a melodic way which is a mix of alternative rock from the 90s mixed with indie from the 00’s. The band is known for their energetic live act and dynamic compositions.

Since We Fall Slowly started they won various regional talent awards, played the mainstage of several bigger festivals like the Freedom Festival, Eurosonic (ESNS) and the prestigious final of the national bandcontest for the Netherlands, played around 70 times per year and had regional and national airplay on the radio. Their best viewed video was launched in a Cinema and gained more than 200.000 views. Lastly their music was featured in the new Doom videogame.


  • WinnerDrentse Popprijs 
  • Bevrijdingsfestival Drenthe Mainstage
  • Eurosonic – ESNS
  • Sena PopNL Performers Award 
  • Regional, provincial and nationwide radio airplay 
  • Music in the videogame Doom

Band Members

  • Boye Emmaneel: Lead vocals
  • Anton Oortman: Bass and backing vocals
  • Gerwin Vrieling: Guitar and backing vocals
  • Jan Schippers: Drums and backing vocals
  • Maarten Righarts: Guitar
  • Juan Kiers: Guitar