Vintage Rebel
(Southern Rock, NL)

Vintage Rebel

Southern!! Bluesy!! Soul!! Groovy!! Four words that describe Vintage Rebel Music.

During the lockdown of March 2020, Jean Hofman had the ambition to form a new groovy southern rock band with a nice touch of blues and soul! However, you do need the right musicians for this, so Jean started his search, and here it is.

Thanks to this formation, Vintage Rebel comes into its own and pursues the ambition it has, namely touring The Netherlands and abroad with their own work and showing the love for music and having fun with the band!

These awesome musicians have managed to make themselves heard not only within The Netherlands on TV (RTL 4) and radio stations, but also in England and America!

If you listen to Vintage Rebel on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok (TikTok?? Yes, even on TikTok) or one of the many other streaming services you can clearly hear influences from Blackberry Smoke, Deep Purple and the Allman Brothers.