(World Music, Italy)


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Uttern is a unique reality in the Italian and European scene, a group of women who through music want to reconnect to the ancient millennial spirituality of pagan Europe. They combine solemnity and celebration in a powerful mix of pagan-shamanic music. In recent years they have gained the attention and affection of thousands of fans, playing in the biggest Italian Celtic music festivals such as the Montelago Celtic Festival, Monterenzio Celtica, Bundan, Triskell and many others. Their success stems from the genuine connection with the sacred feminine, the Divine Mother and the ancient feeling of Pagan Europe, which the public lives and vibrates within themselves in every show. “Uttern” means “otter”, an animal that for various ancient cultures represented the divine female celebratory energy. Their essence connects to this, to the ability to flow with delicacy and strength at the same time, bringing a spirituality that fully celebrates life, combining presence and solemnity with sharing and play. Their concert is a great musical ritual, where the water-fire-earth-air elements unite with the fifth, the Spirit. Music, sacredness and dance become one, sometimes swirling, sometimes mystical, with the aim of celebrating Life in all its fullness.  After the long-awaited first EP “Gudinna”, released in 2018, their second album, “Mediterra”, is released in 2023.

DENISE CANNAS – Vocals, drums
SYBELL (CRISTINA SPADOTTO) – Guitar, backing vocals
DEBORAH OLIVO – Flutes, bagpipes, backing vocals
GIOVANNA RADOS – Violin, backing vocals
SERENA DURÌ – Drums, percussion, backing vocals