Mighty Vipers
(Ska/Calypso/Reggae, UK)

Mighty Vipers

Mighty Vipers engine is fired within the belly of the industrial north, where brass band culture meets the ethics of DIY punk rock driven forward with a reggae-inspired groove. An eighteen-legged beast where everyone is welcome and all are unified in a sea of sweat, smiles and celebration.

While the Mighty Vipers hip-shaking grooves are aimed directly at the dance floor their lyrics are fiercely political.

Instead, it’s all about an attitude of inclusivity, and live performances are all about getting the crowd in on the action. World music fans and Metalheads alike fail to appreciate the frenzied onstage energy with music that moves from stomping swing through to lamenting calypso quicker than you can say Harry Belafonte.

“Mighty Vipers are a great take on all the bits of the ska story from Rocksteady and Calypso to Punk Ska. Also great lyrics and melodies – It’s hard to disagree with that” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

“Like a steamroller of sound; smashing you round the face with a wet kipper while you make your best sex face” – Express and Star

“If your feet aren’t moving, then you must be dead” – Big Cheese Magazine