Loonaloop (Electro, AUS)


Loonaloop are a live Electronic act/Band with massive trails and a vibrant history of performances at festivals and clubs all over Europe, UK, NZ, & Aus. The band has a unique and distinct sound that is a mingling of organic instruments with cutting-edge programming and technology.

Loonaloop features -Violin that cavorts between luscious melodies & dirty & driving riffs, Powerful uplifting Vocals, Pumping Didgeridoo, Powerhouse live Drums, Driving bass lines, and synths & Electronic gismos… Loonaloop’s live set mixes it up with touches of drum n bass, tribal trance, electro dub, gypsy house & a touch of world music…executed with passion and attitude.

Renowned for their charismatic and high-energy performance, Loonaloop are at home on any stage and have earned a reputation across the globe as dance floor, and festival favorites. Loonaloop has 5 studio albums and another that is on the way and due for release to support their 20th anniversary Tour in 2023.

Having this huge pool of tracks and experience to draw from gives Loonaloop the ability to engage and respond to wide and diverse audiences .. wooing them and taking them on a sonic journey.