El Sonidero Insurgente
(Wolrd music, ARG)

El Sonidero Insurgente

El Sonidero Insurgente is a Latin Power Mestizo band that was founded in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A fusion of Latin American dance folklore, rock attitude, and suburban melodies are added to their lyrics that talk about stories from the great Latin American neighborhood. A unique live show, a festive, danceable, and energetic show, full of cumbias, ska, reggae, and Afro music.

El Sonidero Insurgente is made up of 5 members: Marcos Rodriguez (Voice/Guitar), Fede Vazquez (Keyboard/Accordion), Walter Chamorro (Trombone/Guitar), Cheru Santillán (Drums), and Alan Cáceres (Bass). The band has released 3 albums, 1 Ep, several singles, and videos. El Sonidero performed in several important theaters and clubs on the Argentine music circuit (CC Konex, Niceto Club, The Roxy, La Tangente, etc.). The band has a great international projection since they have made 2 tours in Europe playing in more than 25 cities in countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic (Full Color Festival 2022 NL, Art Carnivale Festival 2022 NL, Mezrab NL, Kids Rhythm and Blues BEL, among others) and 5 tours in Brazil (Morrostock 2017, Acid Rock 2017, Ola Fuerte Festival 2019, Tum Sound Festival 2019 and 5 shows in the south of Brazil in 2023).

In 2022 they presented their new album Trinchera, produced by the renowned producer El Chavez (No Te Va a Gustar/ Kapanga/ Arbol), which took them on tour in theaters and festivals in Argentina, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

In 2023 his new EP of cumbias “Sacudiendo al Barrio” was released and  presented on a crowded show in Buenos Aires Argentina . In December, the band will present their new EP on a tour to Uruguay (Festival del Lago).