El Sonidero Insurgente
(Wolrd music, ARG)

El Sonidero Insurgente

El Sonidero Insurgente is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The music is a fusion of urban and Latin American folk rhythms (mestizo music, world music) and its lyrics have a strong social content.

Live: a festive, danceable and energetic show.

Marcos Rodriguez is the founder of the groups La Sota y su Fiesta Pagana (2002-2010) and Sonora Insurgente (2010-2016). He joined Marcos Senet (Avanti Esperanza, Radio Roots, Manu Chao) and Fede Vasquez and formed this project that is just 4 years old and already has two albums and several singles and videos.

The shared the stage with Bersuit Vergabarat, Francisco El Hombre (Brazil), Cuatro Pesos de Propina (Uruguay), Che Sudaka (Colombia / Argentina), La Delio Valdez, Os Mutantes (Brazil), Attaque 77, among others. They played several shows in Argentina (CC Konex, Niceto Club, La Tangente, etc.) made 4 tours of Brazil (Morrostock 2017, Acid Rock 2017, Ola Fuerte Festival 2019, Tum Sound Festival 2019, amont others) and a Europe Tour in 2019 (with 14 shows in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland).

Always indepently and self-managed, they are projecting an upcoming album, and new tours in Argentina, Brazil and a new Europe Tour for 2020.