Cartoon Violence
(Ska, UK)

Cartoon Violence

Cartoon Violence are one of the fastest rising talents on the current UK ska scene.
Hailing from the wilds of Mid Wales, their line up features former 3 Minute Warning keyboardist/vocalist Chuzz & former Smoke Like A Fish guitarist/vocalist Tran.

The Cartoon Violence sound is an insanely catchy affair that mixes super bouncy 2 tone ska with distinctly British sounding pop & indie stylings. Their songs capture the classic Brit Pop storytelling vibe of the likes of The Kinks, Madness, Squeeze, The Hotknives & Parklife-era Blur, with each tune lyrically being like a mini kitchen sink drama in its own right!

Quotes and Reviews

“Unbelievable! This band is great. Britpop Twotone?! The Beatles meets Madness?! I don’t know how to describe it but I love it”
-Tim (Vegas) Mighty Mighty Bosstones

“From the first chords of the opening track, Vauxhall Nova, you’re hooked and wanting more, Jangly pianos, real life lyrics… A CD full of contagious tunes that I bet will go down a storm live. Fingers crossed this lot continue because their potential sounds tremendous”
-Scootering Magazine – Album Of The Month

“This CD is GREAT!!!, I really liked it a LOT!!, It is a band clearly influenced by Madness and also The Hotknives (two of my favourite British SKA bands of all time!)”
-Caplis – Desorden Publico

“That’s a blinding song you’ve got there..great stuff..!!”
-(Attic) Mick Clare – The Hotknives

“I would have spent a bit more time/effort casting the role of Teresa in the Video! hurh hurh, nice tune, liked the piano solo!”
-(Teresa Video) Mike Barson – Madness