Bray and the Dens
(Alt Rock, USA)

Bray And The Dens

Bray is a San Francisco based singer, writer and performer with a unique brand of alt rock: Catchy Bowie-esque hooks and driving Foo/ Arctic guitar grooves, topped with quirky sardonic lyrics.

Honing his craft among the Oakland funk scene, Bray grew up studying the MTV greats and emerging with a potent mix of frontman swagger, emotional intensity, and a quick sense of humor. His road to stardom is dotted with unusual points of interest, including a performance at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pre-inaugural gala, an instrumental album produced with Prince keyboardist Dr Fink,
and a lead theatrical role as Lloyd Christmas in a stage production of Dumb and Dumber.

Over a decade ago, the touring trio, Bray and the Dens, landed on the scene with a bold feature at the San Francisco Grammy (NARAS) New Artist Showcase. Since then, they’ve released 5 albums, shared the stage with an array of legends (Train, Velvet Revolver, Sex Pistols, David Blain!), toured in 10 countries, had songs placed in 11 national TV shows (Fox Sports, MTV Road Rules), and created cinematic music videos with more than 4 million YouTube views.

The latest album, hook-heavy “The Aliens Are Here,” gushes with enthusiasm and space themes, prompting The Go Go’s Jane Wiedlin to seek Bray as the lead in a space opera she’s producing.

Don’t miss Bray and the Dens on tour this year throughout Europe and the US.